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ライブで知り合ったナオサイとヒロが、日本のSka Punkバンドを紹介するWebサイト「DO THE SKA!!」を立ち上げる。自分たちが聴きたい音楽のDJイベント【スカデーナイトフィーバー(通称:スカデー)】、自分たちが観たいバンドのLIVEイベント【SKAコレクション(通称:SKAコレ)】を開催。
スカデーは、会場であるLoft Plus Oneの動員記録を塗り替え、異例の『ダイブが起きるDJイベント』として話題に。
SKAコレは、日本全国からSka Punkバンドを集め、独自視点での対バンを実現し、全てのイベントでソールドアウトとなった。
DO THE SKA!!として、音楽雑誌やレーベル運営、全国ツアーの手伝いをしながらSka Punkシーンに影響を与えてきたが、2003年に2人の環境の変化に伴い、休眠となる。

Naosai and Hiro who had acquainted with each other at live shows launched a website named “DO THE SKA!!” introducing Japanese Ska Punk bands.
Also organized music events in Tokyo, Japan, DJ event “SKA-DAY NIGHT FEVER”(SKA-DAY for short) that their favorite tunes were played and live show event “SKA COLLECTION”(“SKA COLLE” for short) that the bands they wanted to dance with played.
SKA-DAY became a hot topic with the stories such as the record high audience at its venue, Loft Plus One and “DJ event with crowd surfers.”
For SKA COLLE, various Ska Punk Bands from all over Japan were called and all of the events were sold out because of its unique band selections.
Further more, supported music magazines, record labels, tours and made a huge influence over the scene. However, went into “hibernation” due to some changes in their lives in 2003.


日本のSka Punkバンドを紹介するWebサイト「DO THE SKA!!」をオープン。音源情報やライブ情報を掲載。徐々にユーザーが増え、さまざまな情報交換ができるコミュニティーサイトとなる。
the website, “DO THE SKA!!” introducing Japanese Ska Punk bands was launched. A lot of information on any types of release and shows was posted.
More and more visitors to the website as the time went by and it became a platform that enabled the users to exchange information.
DJ event “SKA-DAY NIGHT FEVER” and live show event “SKA COLLECTION” were launched.
Over 20 events in five years as a total and all sold out.
Went into “indefinite hibernation” after holding the two events on the same day for the first time in its history since Hiro decided to reside in NY.
Kemuriの解散直前、最後の共同企画として【Kemuri extra show with DO THE SKA!!】を開催。1日だけ復活する。
Came out from “hibernation” only for one day for the Kemuri/DO THE SKA!!’s last collaboration event called “Kemuri extra show with DO THE SKA!!” right before Kemuri‘s breakup.
Came out again and organized SKA-DAY NIGHT FEVER as one time event for Hiro’s return to Japan.
Then, went back into “hibernation” again.

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